Bill proposed to create a Medical Malpractice Review Panel under Board of Medicine

West Virginia Orthopaedic Society

Senate Bill 560 (SB560) has been sponsored by Sen. Takubo to establish a medical malpractice review panel and it is in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Provisions include: allowing the Board of Medicine to convene a review panel; making use of the panel voluntary; providing for selection of a chairperson; setting forth powers and duties of the chairperson; providing for selection of panel members; setting out a procedure to challenge panel members; setting out powers and duties of the review panel; providing for matters which the panel may consider in their deliberations; requiring the panel to issue findings and expert opinions; establishing a procedure for the payment of costs and fees; allowing the report to be admissible in court in certain circumstances; granting civil and criminal immunity to panel members; providing for compensation of panel members; and providing for rulemaking.

WVOS has not taken a position on this bill, but feels it is important you know about legislation that could impact your practice and your patients. If you would like to send a personal message about this bill to your legislators, please click the button below.