Ask Your State Lawmakers to Support the Good Commercial Insurance Bills

State lawmakers have filed a number of bills in the Texas Legislature that would make it easier for orthopaedic surgeons to deliver care to Texans. The bills related to commercial insurance would:

  • Eliminate unnecessary hassles related to prior authorization.
  • Stop health plans from dropping physicians from networks if they refer to out-of-network facilities or physicians.
  • Require health plans to update their network directories on a regular basis.

Orthopaedic surgeons and their staff members are strongly encouraged to ask their state senators and representatives to co-sponsor these bills. We made it easy for you: Click on the link at the bottom to send e-mails to your state lawmakers.  If you wish to edit the e-mail or add your own personal message, you can do so.

In addition to sending an e-mail, consider calling your lawmakers’ Austin offices and sending messages via social media (Twitter and Facebook).

Click here to read a one-pager about the issue