Respond to Texas Legislature’s Proposal to Limit Prescriptions to Seven Days

State lawmakers have proposed legislation (HB 2174 and SB 1233) that would:

  • Limit Schedule II prescriptions to seven days with no refills.
  • Require physicians to complete two hours of CME training in pain management every year.
  • Mandate electronic prescribing for every Schedule II prescription beginning in 2021.

TOA has made it easy for you to e-mail your state lawmakers about the proposal and express your concern.

In addition to sending an e-mail, consider sending additional messages to your state lawmakers through the following avenues:

  • Social media. Twitter is typically the best way to reach a lawmaker – they constantly check it. You can also send message to your lawmakers on their Facebook pages.
  • Phone calls. Call their Austin office and talk to the chief of staff about the issue.

Key Notes

HB 2174 and SB 1233 have been proposed by State Rep. John Zerwas, MD (R-Richmond) of the Houston area and Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham). The legislation is being pushed by the state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton.

Seven-Day Limit

The attorney general has argued that over 30 states have put measures in place that limit Schedule II prescriptions to seven days.

Feel free to your own words as to why this is not a good idea for certain musculoskeletal surgeries and injuries in your e-mail to your lawmakers. (We created a suggested message for you in the e-mail.)

Electronic Prescribing

Congress passed an opioid law last fall that requires Medicare to implement electronic prescribing for Schedule II drugs beginning in 2021. The Texas Legislature’s bills mirror Medicare’s 2021 date. However, it is important for the Texas mandate to take into account any delays from Medicare with its own implementation.

Two Hours of CME in Prescribing Controlled Substances

The legislation would mandate two hours of CME related to prescribing controlled substances every year.


Read our one-pager on the issue.