Texas Lawmakers Considering a Prescription Drug Mandate

The Texas Senate passed a bill (SB 316) on April 12 that creates a mandate for physicians to check the state’s prescription drug monitoring database (PDMP) before every Schedule II controlled substance is prescribed, beginning on September 1, 2018.  The purpose is to stop “doctor shoppers.”

SB 316 contains several exemptions from the mandate:

  • Cancer/hospice care.
  • An exemption for any drug that is a supply of 72 hours or less was offered by the bill’s sponsor.
  • Veterinarians are exempt.

“Doctor shoppers” do not undergo surgeries to acquire drugs.  Yet surgeries were not included as an exemption in SB 316.

It is critical for orthopaedic surgeons to contact their state representatives and senators to create an exemption for surgery in SB 316.

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